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Capital Medical Equipment Service

PharmaTraders was founded in 2008 by young entrepreneurs that identified a market need for high quality medical equipment at affordable prices and supplied by a local company. The company was first located in a small office in Mumbai serving facilities in the Mumbai area employing only a handful of dedicated employees.

Just within 5 years, MedicoTraders had expanded its market reach to serve facilities around the New England area and developed enough customer relationships and brand awareness resulting in its move to a new, larger facility in Navi Mumbai in 2016, where it could accommodate a larger inventory and more team members. This move allowed MedicoTraders to continue to expand its product line and by the late 2020 MedicoTraders had become a worldwide supplier of new and refurbished medical equipment setting the standards for the industry.

PharmaTraders was founded in 1992 and is the market leader in the refurbished capital medical equipment industry. PharmaTraders specializes in outfitting entire healthcare facilities like hospitals, surgical centers, and other medical facilties with high-quality equipment at affordable prices. PharmaTraders’s goal is to facilitate equipment acquisition by maintaining one of the largest medical equipment inventories and providing turnkey solutions for their customers. PharmaTraders offer a one-stop-shop platform where their customers can compare models and manufacturers. PharmaTraders offers warranties and medical equipment service on all medical products that they sell. PharmaTraders is an ISO 13845:2016 certified facility. Read more about MedicoTraders

Medical Equipment Service

PharmaTraders offers medical equipment service and medical equipment repair services by our highly trained CBET (Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician) and CRES (Certified Radiology Equipment Specialists) biomedical engineers. These high-quality standards not only meet but exceed JCAHO (Joint 

Commission Accreditation) standards. PharmaTraders also offers depot and field service repair for your medical equipment. During PharmaTraders’s equipment services, their biomed team provides equipment repair, calibration, and maintenance.

Contact Services

Customized contract options allow our medical and hospital equipment repair and service contracts to adhere to fit your facility’s needs. If you have any questions about our non-contractor contract options like our annual inspection contract, preventive maintenance contract, annual service contract, or comprehensive service contract send an email to [email protected] and MedicoTraders will get back to you within 24 hours.

Medical Parts

MedicoTraders prides themselves on having one of the largest medical parts inventories in the industry. MedicoTraders also has a nationwide parts network and offers priority shipping.

Medical equipment services near me from our CBET/CRES certified engineers to reach high-quality standards and JCAHO requirements.

We have a selection of contract, non-contract and customized contract options that adhere to your needs.

Extensive selection of parts and a large modalities and manufacturing inventory. We have a nationwide parts network, and we offer priority shipping.

Service Extends the Life of Your Capital Equipment

Contract Options

  • OEM Trained Biomedical Engineers
  • Certified Engineers & Technicians (CBET, CRES)
  • Biomedical Engineering Department
  • Depot and Field Service Repair
  • Technical and Cosmetic Refurbishing

A     Annual Inspection Contract

B     Preventive Maintenance Contract

C     Annual Service Contract

D     Comprehensive Service Contract

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