Zoll AED 3

The Zoll AED 3 is the latest AED by Zoll. Like most Zoll products it was designed for dependability, durability, and performance. The AED 3 comes with a touchscreen LCD screen, along with providing detailed CPR guidance with Real CPR Help. This feature enables real-time feedback on the quality of CPR being provided. High-Quality CPR can save a life, but how do you know if you are pushing hard enough – it can now tell you how you are doing.

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Zoll AED 3 Features

The Automated External Defibrillators were built off the design of its predecessor the Zoll AED Plus. It comes with a low ownership cost which is possible by the use of universal adult/ pediatric electrode pads and a battery that both last 5 years. This means that instead of spending the time to swap out the pads you can spend more time saving a life. With a single push of a button, you can change the setting from adult to a child on the AED.

  • Real CPR Help to ensure the rescuer is performing compressions at the correct rate and depth
  • Universal adult/child CPR Uni-padz sense and report motion of the rescuers’ chest compressions to the AED.
  • Constant metronome at a rate of at least 100 compressions per minute to comply with latest 2015 AHA/CPR guidelines
  • Push button selection of child rescue using the child button on the front of the AED
  • Dual orientation (upright or flat) allows the best visibility of the screen during a rescu
  • High-resolution full-colour graphic images and text accompany all voice prompts making the AED 3 easy for anybody to use
  • On-screen display of elapsed time and number of shocks delivered for critical information that EMS will need to know on arrival
  • Rescue accessory pack containing non-latex gloves, CPR mask, razor, paper towel and towelette.
  • Clothing scissors are attached to the CPR Uni-padz for easy removal of clothing.

Zoll And 3 Specifications


  • Height: 5 in ( 12.7 cm)
  • Width: 9.3 in (23.6 cm)
  • Depth: 9.7 in (24.7 cm)
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5kg)


  • Protocol: Semiautomatic and Fully Automatic configuration
  • Waveform: ZOLL Rectilinear Biphasic
  • Defibrillator Charge Hold Time: 30 seconds; ZOLL AED 3 Automatic model: 3 seconds prior to automatic shock delivery
  • Energy Selection: Factory preprogrammed selection (Adult: 120 J, 150 J, 200 J; Child: 50 J, 70 J, 85 J)
  • Patient Safety: All patient connections are electrically isolated
  • Charge Time: Less than 10 seconds with new battery Pre-shock Pause: 8 seconds with new battery
  • Electrodes: ZOLL CPR Uni-padz
  • Self-test: Configurable automatic self-test every day or every 7 days. Default: every 7 days. Monthly fullenergy test (200 J).
  • Automatic Self-test Checks: Battery capacity, status and expiration; electrode connection and expiration; ECG and charge/ discharge circuits; microprocessor hardware and software; CPR circuitry and pads sensor; audio circuitry
  • Compression Depth: 1.9 cm to 10.2 cm; 0.75 in to 4 in (adult patients only)
  • Defibrillation Advisory: Evaluates defibrillation pad connection and patient ECG to determine if defibrillation is required.
  • Defibrillator: Protected ECG circuitry
  • Display Format: High-resolution LCD with capacitive touch panel
  • Display Screen Size: 5.39 cm x 9.5 cm; 2.12 in x 3.74 in
  • Data Recording and Storage: User-configurable for 1 or 2 clinical events for total of 120 minutes. Includes ECG, impedance measurements, device prompts and CPR data.
  • Data Recovery: Controlled by touchscreen, uploaded to USB memory stick, or ZOLL Case Review™ over a Wi-Fi network
  • Internal Clock Synchronisation: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) synchronisation occurs when communicating with the ZOLL Online server.


  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 50°C; 32° to 122°F
  • Storage Temperature: -30° to 70°C; -22° to 158°F
  • Humidity: 10% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing


  • Type: Disposable, sealed lithium manganese dioxide
  • Battery Standby Life (once installed): 5 years with weekly self-test. End of life indicated by blank status window (typical remaining shocks: 9).
  • Battery Shelf Life: Store for up to 2 years at 23°C (77°F) prior to installing in AED 3 to maintain above battery life.
  • Temperature : 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
  • Humidity: 10% to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Weight: 317.5 grams; 0.7 lbs Size: (H x W x D) 27.75 mm x 133 mm x 88 mm; 1.0 in x 5.16 in x 3.5 in
  • Nominal Voltage: 12 volts

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