Haemonetics Cell Saver 5+

The Haemonetics Cell Saver 5+ is an autotransfusion system that is used to salvage red blood cells during and post surgeries during procedures where there is a large amount of blood loss. It can also be used before surgery to collect platelet rich plasma. The Cell Saver 5+ salvages whole blood, washes it, and packs it to be later infused into the patient. This process is called autologous transfusion. The CS5+ helps reduce the amount of unnecessary allogenic transfusions. Soma Tech Intl technically and cosmetically refurbishes Haemonetics Cell Saver 5+ autotransfusion systems in their own ISO:13485 certified facility and is not affiliated with Haemonetics.

Worldwide Sales & Service

  • Upto 50% Below OEM pricing
  • Reliable Equipment’s for your Facility

Haemonetics Cell Saver 5+ Autotransfusion System Features

  • Salvages red blood cells.
  • Can be used to collect platelet rich plasma and platelet poor plasma.
  • Technically and cosmetically refurbished.
  • Up to 50% below manufacturer pricing.

Haemonetics Cell Saver 5+ Specifications


  • Height: 37″ (94 cm)
  • Width: 16″ (41 cm)
  • Depth: 14.5″ (37 cm)
  • Weight: 106 lbs (48.1 kg)


  • Pump: 0-1000 mL/min
  • Centrifuge: 2050-5650 rpm


  • Voltage: 100/220 VAC (± 15%)
  • Fuse rating: 2.5 A / 250V
  • Operating frequency: 47-63 Hz
  • Cert: UL Listed

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