Datex Ohmeda TEC 4 Vaporizers

The GE Datex Ohmeda TEC 4 anesthesia vaporizers are designed for “out of circuit” use in continuous flow techniques of inhalation anesthesia. The Tec 4 vaporizers are temperature and flow compensated so that their output remains relatively constant despite cooling due to vaporization and variations in inlet flow. A single control dial, with a concentration scale calibrated in % of anesthetic agent vapor per total volume (v/v).

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Datex Ohmeda TEC 4 Vaporizers Features

  • Weight: 7.6 kg / 16.785 lbs
  • Flow Range (LPM): 0.25-15
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 18-35°C
  • Capacity (dry wick): 135 cc
  • Capacity (wet wick): 100

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